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  • How do I get a custom made choker/oddity box/etc?
    Check the "Get a Custom Choker" page under the "About" tab for custom order information.
  • Do you ship internationally?
    I ship worldwide! For more questions about international shipping, please feel free to reach out directly via email or DM!
  • What if my order arrives with a missing/damaged item?
    Please contact me if ANY item/s you have ordered arrived damaged or missing! I want you to have the best experience possible when ordering from my shop, so don't be shy and let me know of any issues! Missing items will be shipped out to you as soon as possible or refunded, broken items will be handled depending on situation, please provide photos of the damage.
  • Do I have to be 18+ to buy a choker?
    Not at all! One of the core goals I started this shop with is to remove the negative and unrealistic stigma around wearing chokers and the reasons why people like wearing them. Chokers are simply a lovely accessory anyone can wear to express their style, just like scarves, bracelets, and any other clothing/accessory. For some, chokers can be worn as a comfort item, and for others it's for cosplay, a bridesmaid/bride accessory, an expressive piece, or a custom choker to match their new outfit for the season! However, I do offer 18+ designs as custom orders for those 18 and up! It's rare that a premade choker is 18+, but designs that are considered 18+ collars will be listed as such if it falls under any of the following criteria: - The design is based off of 18+ media/character/fandom. - The design is inspired by 18+ material (example: design based on a BDSM harness) - The design is tug proof with a place for leash attachment (Not all designs with a place to attach a leash means it's tug proof! Some are simply there for charm attachments.) - The design incorporates 18+ phrases on charms/lettering incorporated onto the choker such as "Daddy's girl".
  • Do you sell anywhere in person?
    Yes! I am US based and try to attend as many conventions or events as possible! To keep up to date on which events I'll be tabling at, follow the Magpie's Oddities Instagram account and check out the "Artist Alley" story highlight for the full list!
  • How can I contact you for other questions?
    Feel free to contact me through Instagram or by email through the "Contact" page.
  • When do chokers restock?
    There is no current shop drop schedule set in stone. To see when the next drop is, sign up for the mailing list located on the home page and /or keep tabs on the Magpie's Oddities Instagram "SHOP DROPS" highlight for up to date info!
  • When do custom orders open?
    There is no current schedule set in stone at this time. To be notified about the next opening date, sign up for the mailing list located on the home page and /or keep tabs on the Magpie's Oddities Instagram "SHOP DROPS" highlight for up to date info! Please Note: The BEST way to stay up to date is keeping up with Instagram stories where drops are announced the earliest and where regular polls are hosted to vote on new drops and designs!
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