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Custom Chokers

You can request a custom choker by filling out a request form. (Located here)

The request form is only open during the 1st of every month between 10am-1pm EST.

The request form will walk you through the custom order process and your design request. You can now add photos and/or link a Pinterest board you'd like used as inspiration for your design! So have these ready when filling out your form if you want to use those. 

Custom Choker Prices:

You set your own budget, and I make your design request working around the budget you select. (There is a minimum budget requirement. $25+ for casual chokers, $50+ for chokers, $75+ for body chain/bead chokers.)

Do not request a choker you are not able/ready to pay for. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me during or before filling out your request form. The fastest way to reach me is Instagram DMs, or by email here

Terms & Conditions 

TOS last updated 6/26/23

  1. Breaking any of the terms & conditions may result in your order being canceled and possibly black listed from further custom orders, giveaways, raffles, etc. Breaking serious TOS rules may result in a social media warning post for other businesses to take note of.

  2. You MUST be 18+ or have the consent of a parent to order a custom made choker regardless of the country you live. My chokers are for all ages, but I don't want orders being canceled randomly by parents. If your request falls under the 18+ design category, you MUST be 18+ and provide photo ID regardless of parental consent if under 18. 

  3. Custom chokers are NOT guaranteed by any certain date unless requested AND agreed upon. 

  4. If I am unable to contact you, I do not receive reply, or messages responses take days, you may be warned and/or your order canceled. Please be respectful of my time and the time of my other customers.

  5. If you are unsatisfied with the final design, you may request a remake. Only one remake is permitted. A remake will cost $10 or more and is NOT meant as a solution to changing your mind on the theme/design you originally selected.

  6. The budget and design of a choker CANNOT be changed after an order is accepted(Minor changes may be acceptable). If you are wanting a different design after you've submitted a request application, reach out to cancel. You can submit a new request with the desired change in design the next time requests open.

  7. If your choker is canceled after being made or remade, that choker will be auctioned/sold off. 

  8. Lying about age, parental consent, or similar questions on the submission form WILL result in your order being canceled blacklisted. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  9. Once your order is ready for purchase, you will be given three days to pay in full. If you fail to do so, you will be contacted and warned to complete your order before it is canceled and the design sold to someone else. If it is a high budget order, a payment plan can be worked out. Confirm this with me at the time your order is accepted.

  10. If a tracking number shows an order as "delivered", but you do not have your package, that is an issue that will need to be handled between you and your local post office. I will help as much as I can but I ship all my packages with tracking information and I am not responsible for the package once it has been shipped. You can request I purchase your tracking slip with package insurance or request it be delivered with receiver signature, these will cost extra but will help greatly to prevent possible package loss. 

  11. I DO NOT condone the use of my chokers for any of the following: ANY NSFW activities involving a minor or cosplayed minor character including photos/videos that are sexually suggestive in any way, any 18+ content posted on a public social media that is accessible to minors. There's a big difference between publicly posting NSFW content on minor used spaces and posting it on private accounts or adult only sites/apps/spaces. I have no problem and am supportive of NSFW content, but not when it involves minors in any way. You will be immediately black listed and respectfully requested not to use my work for that content if found doing so. 

  12. If I find out your are above the age of 18 and are buying for a minor for questionable use, your order will be canceled and the authorities may be contacted, as well as a warning post to inform other shops/creators about this activity. 

  13. You can cancel your order ANY TIME for ANY reason up until payment is made! This includes AFTER your order is made and ready for purchase. Just BE SURE to let me know as soon as you need to cancel and you are fully welcome to apply for a custom again if you wish at a later date. If you ghost or request to cancel after payment is made, it will result in being blacklisted.

  14. Custom chokers may ONLY be returned/refunded if they arrive damaged. Any return requests MUST be sent to me with photos attached no more than 24hrs after tracking number is listed as delivered. 

  15. If a choker is damaged after arrival, you can request repairs. Shipping and any materials needed to repair must be covered by you. Chokers are to be worn and stored with care to prevent any damage. 

  16. You DO own the choker, but NOT the design. If I find anyone making knock offs/duplicates of my designs it won't be ignored.

  17. Your order may be canceled and you may be blocked without warning or notice if I am uncomfortable for whatever reason working with you. I am not obligated to give an explanation to anyone if I cancel an order for this reason, do NOT attempt to contact me via a separate account if you have been blocked. As a creator and individual, I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone with or without explanation.

  18. If you are caught trying to purchase someone else's custom order through my shop, you will be blacklisted. 

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